Custom Report

  • Configured alerting and reporting system
  • Reports on periodical visual analytics
  • Report issue resolution statistics
  • View, benchmark and generate reports for at least five years of data
  • Automatic report generation over various periods

Third Party Device Integration

  • Seamless integration with industry leading meters and sensors

Specific Energy Calculations

  • Detect energy saving opportunities
  • Real time energy monitoring ,measurement and verification for cost allocation analysis

ERP and MRP integrations

  • ERP is being used by most of the manufacturing companies around world ,SEnergy acts as a glue to adapt with ERP to communicate with other devices and also to connect various departments through channel of sensors .Such integration gives opportunity to deliver information in real time.

20 Points of Leed

  • SEnergy helps companies to get 10 LEED points to achieve LEED Certification and also assist in the renew al of the certificatin once in three year.
  • Water Efficiency: Upto 5 points Water metering: Track water consumption to identify additional opportunities to save water.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: 2 points Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies: Naturally vented spaces, improved filtration, carbon dioxide monitoring, etc.
  • Innovation : Upto 2 points
  • Subject Matter Expert Advice on other point
  • Subject Matter Expert Advisory services on other aspects of LEED certification

Regulatory Compliances

  • Registration:
  • Data protection:
  • Data localisation:
  • IoT connectivity: