Dense Sensor Data collection

  • Dense sensor and electrical data collection through IOT
  • Sensor data stored in cloud platform
  • Seamless integration with industry-leading meters, sensors and data systems
  • Facilitates implicit audit trail

Intuitive Navigation

  • Capture your facility equipment hierarchy
  • Know your equipment status within few clicks
  • User friendly control and schedule

Energy and Sensor Data Historian

  • Record information as time series
  • View, benchmark and generate reports for at least five-years of data
  • Facility equipment audit trail
  • Better purchase decision based on historical performance data

Out of Box Detailed Dashboards

  • Real-Time Analysis- Speed up your day-to-day energy management process through configurable widgets to monitor energy measurements, metrics and savings.
  • Trend Analytics - Compare your energy use against expected patterns.
  • Threshold - Set thresholds for different parameters.

Custom Built DynamicDashboards

  • Intuitive Dashboard along with SEoC (SEnergy Operating Centre)
  • Maintain Multiple facilities with a Single Dashboard.
  • Understandable Dashboard, easy-to-use interface, compatible with any web browse
  • Designed to detect energy saving opportunities, reduce energy and operational cost

Deep Dive Analytics Out of the Box

  • Statistics and analytics in visually rich UI
  • Multi-level deep drill down
  • Splicing and dicing of data by time, facility, equipment etc
  • Top floor to shop floor detailed analytics within a few clicks

Real Time Alerts Rule based Triggers

  • Configure rule-based triggers
  • Identify Equipment Efficiency Blind spots
  • Isolate problematic equipments across facilities
  • Notify targeted maintenance personnel
  • Email SMS or in –app notifications

Live Single Line Diagrams

Live SLD Image

  • Replicate electrical, water, gas and other utility SLDs on cloud
  • Bring SLD to life with live data
  • Connect SLD components to underline physical components
  • Monitor and control multiple facilities using live SLDs