Integrated Facility Management

  • Manage facility contracts and contractors
  • Schedule PPM and assign personnel
  • Maintain service routing
  • Track Service level agreements(SLA) compliances and violations

Integrated Ticket Resolution

  • Auto generated tickets from detected anomalies
  • Record service tickets from various sources
  • Record and track ticket life cycle with timeline
  • Report issue resolution statistics
  • Track SLA compliance and violations
  • Store and retrieve logs

Integrated IT Infra monitoring

  • Single window multi data centre monitoring and control
  • Rack-wise, server-wise performance monitoring
  • Fine grained analysis of hardware and software metrics
  • Load profiles of server and network infrastructure

Multi Protocol Data Dashboards

  • Seamless integration with various devices
  • Vendor agnostic open protocol integrations
  • Modbus, IEC60870-104/101/103, IEC61850, BACNET, REST, HTTP etc
  • Serial, Ethernet, wireless, LORA, 3G/4G/5G etc.. supported

Switch On Off – from cloud

  • Intuitively navigate to equipment switches
  • Browser based or app based control
  • Automate and control remotely within few clicks

Schedule On Off Operations

  • User friendly application of on/off schedule
  • Implement energy efficiency programs seamlessly
  • Measure multi level efficiency and savings

Controllable Ambience

  • Control temperature, pressure, flow etc.. from cloud
  • Browser based or app based control
  • Control ambience at work/home or process parameters in a plant with equal ease

Schedulable ambience

  • Apply ambience parameters like temperature , fan speed on a schedule
  • Integrate with energy management and conservation programs
  • Measure multi level efficiency and savings