Automating Data Collection

  • The livelihood of any contemporary digital project is data. Exclusively ,digital platforms and applications are effective only when they offer value added functionality and services based on historical and real time data
  • Automation ensures the data collection is taking place smoothly without the involvement of a human being
  • Data collection is the process of using sensors to track the conditions of physical things.
  • Automation in data collection help to collect data periodically as well as consistently from the network
  • Sensors collect data from assets and process conditions (pressure, temperature, humidity, vibration, location, voltage, current, power and energy) to process it
  • Connection and identification from equipments to the IOT System help to collect data through an IP address.
  • Automating data collection bridge data from the diverse devices to reach the cloud.
  • Various actions will be taken by acurators based on data from their own sensors and network feedback.
  • The data are transmitted, stored, and can be retrieved at any time.
  • SEnergy use advanced analytics to uncover business insights and opportunities to minimize operational cost
  • Denser data enable real time project performance supervision through alerts and notifications
  • Based on automating data collection, equipment health, performance and consumption are monitored continuously.

Enforcing contracts / Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLA) are used to ensure that a service provider meets the expectations of a customer. They are frequently part of contracts between managed communication services providers and network operators. SLA's for IoT will include client expectations relative to network, device, and data

Reducing Energy Consumption

  • The industrial sector is one of the highest energy users
  • SEnergy provides ability to predict energy demands and optimise future energy consumption.
  • Motors ,heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are major sources of energy consumption
  • SEnergy allow to spot when and where the energy is lost, when the sensors are placed on equipments
  • SEnergy monitors energy output continuously in order to determine when power should be on and operating and when they can potentially power down and conserve energy
  • Identify indicators of wastage like excess heat on equipments when they are operating at a higher temperature than the optimal baseline
  • Rectification process can take place immediately before excessive energy wastage occurs.
  • SEnergy offer opportunities for predictive maintenance of equipments before break down

Automating O & M with ticket generation and resolution

  • Automating operation and maintenance (O&M) helps to get rid of all human mediate to make operation and maintenance (O&M) convenient for speedy problem detection and resolution
  • SEnergy generates tickets from detected anomalies and resolve them to get improved operational efficiency to conserve energy and to prevent production wastage
  • A resolved ticket indicates the pre-final phase of the ticket lifecycle where the detected breach has been solved,
  • SEnergy records service tickets from various sources
  • Record and track ticket life cycle with timeline
  • SEnergy gives reports on generated ticket status and resolution statistics
  • Track SLA compliance and violations
  • Stores and retrieve logs whenever necessary