Energy Meter INSTALLATION  and Supply in Uae India

SEnergy does not manufacture energy meters, Instead they are bought from third party. Our Reliable and trusted third party supply exclusive energy meters to SEnergy for successful completion of our turn key projects. We provide Energy Meter Installation Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Temperature, pressure, flow, level Sensors supply and Installation

The supply of temperature, flow and level sensors has been accomplished by reliable and trusted third party to execute successful installation for all our projects.

Integrated Sensor gateways

  • Ready-to-deploy All-In-One IoT Gateway with short turnaround time
  • Versatile and utilizes various wired or wireless protocols for easy integration to existing industrial equipment.
  • Collection of real time data for real-time analytics, modeling and simulation
  • Remote monitoring and access for product reliability, utilities consumption, healthcare Versatile and utilizes various wired
  • Suitable for various industrial and commercial scenario

Re Networking Existing Sensors

  • Often, Customers have their own existing sensors
  • Data may be going into a different department or systems
  • This creates a data silo situation
  • They may be networked in a way that limits data collection
  • SEnergy team can fix the problem and Re Network your sensors
  • Consolidate all sensors under unified gateways
  • Collate and Correlate all your process sensors to get a unified view of your facility / plant /equipment
  • Get in touch with us for a #free_consultation on #renetworking

IOT Solution provider uae Retrofitting of existing Infra


  • Many facilities have meters and sensors communicating to legacy Building Management Systems / SCADA / DCS
  • Clients deal with a black box and cannot access historical sensor or electrical data
  • Legacy On Prem or workstation only access to facility equipment
  • SEnergy can consolidate all sensors on a standards based state of the art approach
  • Combined with #renetworking you can drive your #IOT and #Industry4.0 initiatives
  • Get A visit IOT Solution Provider in Dubai UAE.

Protocols Handled by Our DCU

  • Modbus / TCP
  • IEC 60870 104/101/103 / 61850
  • REST
  • Profibus
  • OPC

Protocol Conversions

  • Often time Industries / Utilities / Power Generators have various data sources
  • Their modern systems are in need of protocol conversions from legacy formats
  • SEnergy supports various source and target protocol data formats
  • Talk to our tech team about our protocol Conversion solutions