Energy Solution IOT Platform in UAE & India

Helping UAE businesses save energy and money. We provide energy management services, energy efficiency solutions, and electricity consumption metering to make your business more energy efficient. Let's work together to save our planet!

  • Energy Conservation
  • Energy Management Solution
  • Efficiency Monitoring
  • Energy Audit Companies UAE
  • Energy Meters Installation
  • Remote Monitoring Services
  • Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring & Management
  • IoT solutions provider in Dubai
  • Process Control Automation

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SEnergy Philosophy

Organizations cannot achieve efficiency when system blind spots exceed system metrics. What can't be measured cannot be conserved


Identify as many system components to a critical mass of revenue leakage/cost drain. The top 20 % of equipment which uses the top 80% of energy


Big data, analytics, AI, cloud-based on/off climate control, lock, stock, barrel, the kitchen sink (you get the drift). Anything it takes to achieve process efficiency, contractual efficiency, HR efficiency, manpower efficiency, cost efficiency, and energy efficiency

Flexible IOT Gateways

  • Our gateways work with multiple protocols and standards (Modbus, IEC 60870, BACNET, OPC Profibus, DLMS) 

  • Highly programmable gateways capable of integration with any downstream or upstream system (like MRP, ERP, SCADA, Protection systems 

  • Highly modularized design allowing plug in of large number of devices and dense data at the same time unlike other stock IOT gateways 

SEnergy is a fit for your organization /facility if

We are Not

  • Resellers of any specific brand of hardware or software
  • A snake oil peddler of the energy savings industry
  • A run-of-the-mill IOT company.
  • Selling keywords and punchlines
  • Vendor locked for meters, sensors, and gateways

 WE can Definitely

  • Solve problems of energy monitoring, energy management, & remote monitoring. 
  • We provide remote energy management services, remote energy monitoring services, remote power monitoring management solutions 
  • Monitor and provide analytics various kinds of sensors and also  Control various equipment and processes like in SCADA or BMS over the cloud
  • Help you if you are in UAE, Europe, or India to help you reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint

Happy corporate clients


Mw of renewable energy generators managed


GWH of energy saved


Facilities managed and integrated with energy management


FM contracts and service level agreements streamlined


Efficiency metrics monitored out of the box